Heroic Partners

Establishing cordial business relationship with other experts.

You're welcome to Heroic Universal Concept International. Heroic Universal Concept Int'l is an ICT firm. We created this platform to partner with professionals in Web Development, Mobile App Development and other ICT fields.

The idea is simple; we want to be referring contracts to our partners whenever we have more than what we can handle.

To partner with us as a web developer, you must be either a fullstack web developer or you have an ICT firm where professionals work together to build full applications.

We're consistently building our customer base. From our estimate, by December, 2022, we will have over 100,000 prospects in our database. These prospects comprises of our customers, potential customers, students, potential students, experts like you, etc.

To partner with us, you're required to show us projects you've done in the past. You're also required to pay us a certain percentage of the total cost of any project we refer to you. You will be required to tell us the percentage you will afford to pay.

If you're comfortable with the idea, proceed by clicking the register button below.

Heroic Universal Concept International is a vision-driven movement aimed at harnessing the ingenuity of young people with the use of motivational and ICT tools, thereby helping them achieve their ultimate goal.