Is it right for a woman to woo a man she loves in Africa? Yes, there is nothing wrong about it but the woman in question has to learn how to go about it. Some African men will accommodate and respect you when you open up to them but many others will surely look down on you. So, the approach you’re going to use to get the attention of one man might not necessarily be the same approach for another man. So, you have to learn how to do it.

For one man, you can consider opening up to him if you’re sure that he’s not going to misunderstand or look than on you. For another man, you can just learn how to make him open up to you.

If you want to learn how to position yourself to attract love, this book will help you. This book is a storybook about adventures of some single ladies searching for love. Some successfully wooed the man they love and win his love while some others tried and failed with pain and utter humiliation.

You will learn from their successes and failures, as you enjoy this awesome work of art.

Note: Each of the books costs N1,500. If you order for only one them, you will pay the N1,500 but if you order for two or more books, the cost becomes N1,000 each. If you order for all the five books, you will get additional one book as a bonus.

All these books are complementary. It is highly advisable that you order for all of them at once. You will be very glad you did.