I read the lamentation of one good girl with pain. She was lamenting on social media that she kept herself holy but she was still single and ageing while those who distributed sex in school were all married.

People were laughing at her and cursing holiness. When I saw her lamentation, I understood her pain and confusion. I also understood clearly why she was still single.

Listen, if you're a good girl but you're finding it difficult to find love and get married, there are lots of information you're lacking. Being good or holy is not enough to get you a husband or wife; there are more truth you need to know.

You have to learn how to make the opposite sex fall in love with you. You have to learn how to position yourself to achieve that. Stop hoping that God will bring a man for you; you have a role to play.  If you're lazy about it, you may fail.

This book will help you solve all these puzzles. Below are what you stand to learn from this book;

  • You will know why your marriage is delaying and what you should do urgently to find love and get married with relative ease.
  • Many do not believe in love again. You will know why and what such people should do to reignite their hope in love before it is too late.
  • How to find love even if you’re not beautiful.
  • Do you see marriage as a great risk? Are you afraid of taking the risk? This book will destroy that fear and give you the power to find love and get married without fear.
  • How to find love and happiness even if you’re already getting old.
  • The lies your parents and pastors told you about love and marriage.
  • The truth you were not told about love and marriage.
  • What if you end up single for life? What you should do.
  • How to fight outrageous marriage cost
  • As a young lady, this book will tell you what you are supposed to do when you’re about to lose your fiancé as a result of an exorbitant marriage list?
  • As a young man, this book will tell you what you are supposed to do when you’re about to lose a beautiful princess you’ve spent years to love, because you cannot afford the outrageous marriage bill?
  • What to do when all men want to taste you before marriage.
  • Small manhood: does it matter? The answer is in this great book.
  • Why it is so difficult for men to control their sexual urge.
  • How to be romantic without going against moral or godly principles
  • Why slay queens steal good men while good ladies are single and frustrated?