Online Training: How to Escape From Fraudsters

Uche Joe, One year ago

Today, I will be lecturing specifically on "How to identify genuine online trainers among fake ones".If you're joining the training for the first time...My name is Uche Joe.I'm the founder of a fast growing ICT and talent development company in Africa, Heroic Universal  Concept Int'l and Heroic Online Institute.I deliver ICT-related lecture every Friday and spiritual/moral lectures every Sunday.How are you doing today?The advent of internet is a huge blessing in so many ways. Online training is part of the blessings that comes with the internet.Today, you have the opportunity to be lectured by experts that are far away from you.Knowledge is fast becoming equitably distributed as a result of the internet.The trainers and trainees are gaining very massively.Online training is giving ordinary people the opportunity to teach their skills and make money in millions.In online training, the amount of money you're going to make is limitless as long as you know your onion and how to market it to the world.Young smart Africans are making millions teaching their skills online.One of my mentors hit 6 millions in just one month. Another hits 5 million in three months. I can hear you doubt it but it's true.I've made some good money too, though not up to that figure but I'm gradually getting there.Just know this; There is money in online activities.However, when there is a huge opportunity in something, huge risk is always expected, right? Online training has it's own share of enormous risk.Having seen great opportunity in online training, fraudsters are posing as genuine online trainers to defraud people.A young undergraduate chatted me sometime ago and indicated interest in my online training but expressed fear of being defrauded.He told me his experience with his first trainer who promised to teach him web development at N150k.After payment, he sent an eBook to his email with few tutorial videos, promising to make more videos for him. That was how he stopped picking his calls or responding to his chats.Today, the boy is my student and he's learning fast.Another person called me from Isolo, Lagos. His story was not different. The only difference was that he went to see his trainer at Ketu, Lagos.They met in his office and he paid N20,000 as a deposit for online training. He gave him an eBook and promised to make tutorial videos for him.Till today, he kept telling him stories. No tutorial video, no refund.The funny part of the whole story was that, the last time he called the boy, he started pleading that he should send him more money to repair his generator to be able to make the tutorial. You can imagine.As you plan to take a course online, how can you avoid these sad stories?Consider the following;Follow him online for sometimeIf you see someone that has what it takes to teach you online, consider following the person on social media for sometime.View his whatsapp status everyday. Go through his social media posts. Watch his consistency. Is he giving you the value you need?If in doubt, start smallIf you're receiving value from the person's free lectures and posts but you're still a bit afraid of committing huge amount to learn from him, start small.Pay for his inexpensive course or make a deposit for his expensive course if he will allow you.If you're satisfied with the training and mode of delivery, you can consider committing more money.Ask for testimonialsIt's important to know how satisfied his students are before becoming his student.Ask for screenshot of his student's positive testimonials. Go to his website to check testimonial section if he has any.I have close to a hundred positive testimonials from my students. Click here to see what my students are saying...Ask for projects he has builtIf the trainer is teaching you how to build website, ask for links to the projects he has built in the past.Whatever he claims to be teaching, let him show you the project he has executed or sample he has built.If he sends you some samples, go through them carefully and analyse his expertise. If you're ok with what you see, you might consider giving it a try.A Major in the Nigerian Army went through my new Academy and was very impressed. He called me and we talked at length.His son might be registering in my Academy soon. That new academy and the way I spoke to him are convincing evidence for him.If his course is too cheap, find out whyMost times, we, Africans make mistakes of jumping into an opportunity because it is too cheap. Fraudsters use this technique a lot to defraud people.So, when you find out that a certain course is way too cheap compared to other similar courses. Find out details of the course.If there is no convincing evidence why it is too cheap, have a rethink.Let me give you an example. I have a web development course (full stack web development) which goes for N50k. This course has over 12 very detailed courses inside it including lifetime coaching and more.Someone chatted me and told me that the course is very cheap and shared a flyer of similar course which goes for N150k in another academy.I explained to him that it is a promotional cost. I was running a promotion then, the original cost of Full Stack Web Development in my Academy is N100k but selling it at 50% discount then. Secondly, I want to accommodate as many young Nigerians as possible before increasing the cost. That's a convincing reason.If he's making a unbelievable claim, verifyIf someone tells you that a particular course will make you wealthy overnight, find out exactly how. Don't quickly jump into it out of greed.Examine the veracity of any bogus claim before risking your hard-earned money.Fraudsters usually play on your greed. They know you need an easy and comfortable life and they're smart enough to present a fake one to render you poorer.If he still succeeds in defrauding you after all your carefulness, take it as gain and learn from itSome fraudsters are too intelligent to be figured out easily. If a very smart person plans to defraud you, no matter your strategy, you might still fail.Only very few fraudsters are probably that smart to cover all loopholes.So, if you take every necessary precaution, you're most likely going to escape being defrauded.However, after being very careful, if he still succeeds in defrauding you, take it in good faith.Fight back to recover your money if you can, otherwise, learn a lesson from it. It will make your experience richer.Failure is one of the indispensable prices to pay for greatness. It's almost impossible to achieve great things without some painful loss.Take the loss as one of the painful experience greatness demands.

Before You Conclude That Online Training Is Not for You, Read This

Uche Joe, One year ago

Last week, I analyzed that easy access to experts and quality courses is made possible by online training.You can easily get coached by people far away from you. Learning is no longer limited by time and distance.People from other part of the world can teach you right from the comfort of their homes and you will learn at your own comfort, as well.I also explained that access to quality courses and expert is highly limited in physical training.Today, I will open your eyes to another dominant reason why experts are abandoning physical training and moving online.The reason bothers on *the number of students to be accommodated in the training.*In online training, the number of students you can accommodate is limitless. You can effectively teach thousands of students in an online setting.The reason being that you're not using a physical structure for the training. Students are learning at their own comfort from their homes or offices.Online training also removes the expenses of buying equipment like PCs, furniture, etc.Students are required to take care of their own laptops and all.All these advantages of online training have, to a good extent, encouraged experts to abandon physical training and migrate online enmass.In as much as online training has overwhelming advantage for the trainers, it also has its attendant challenges.The challenges include;(1) Creating enough time to mentor teeming students.Considering the fact that the number of students that can be accommodated in online training is limitless, some online trainers that have thousands of students are finding it difficult to mentor all of them effectively.As my students are growing gradually, I'm already gradually quitting or handing over most of my regular jobs to my subordinates to focus more on training.I'm also making plans to employ some of my smart students when they graduate. This will go a long way to cushion the effect of mentoring overwhelming number of students.(2) Another challenge being faced by online trainers is creating high quality tutorials and constantly updating them.For online training to be very effective, the tutorial materials (videos, eBooks, animation, etc) should be easy to understand.If you're not born or trained to be a teacher, you might struggle with making tutorials that will be beginner-friendly.My new students who have no programming background easily understand my lectures because I try my best to make them very easy to understand.Secondly, online tutorial materials are meant to be updated from time to time.Some online trainers don't update their courses at all. As a result, they end up marketing outdated courses.Each time I discover that any of my courses is out of date, I stop marketing it and take my time to update it before continuing marketing.The stress of updating the course from time to time can be overwhelming. However, the benefit therein is huge.In a physical setting, the number of students to be accommodate is determined by the size of the physical structure.If you have just a shop, you can only accommodate about eight students or less.If you have a hall, you can accommodate about 50 to 100 students. In all, the number of students is limited.It's almost impossible to accommodate thousands of students in a physical setting.So, if you critically analyse all these, it will clearly sound more logical to embrace online training.I had a brief conversation with a prospective student. He saw my WhatsApp status post and chatted me indicating interest in my web design and development course.However, he insisted that he cannot cope with online training citing some obvious reasons.Let's analyse his reasons one after the other;1. He said that in online training, the trainer is not physically present:He wants a situation whereby his trainer will be before him and attend to him instantly when he encounters challenges.He's right, very right but there is a problem with that.Many experienced experts might not have that time to be lecturing few students in a physical setting when they have better opportunity of lecturing much more students in online setting.To someone who understand economics, it's like a huge waste of time and money to be lecturing few people in a classroom when there is a better opportunity to lecture thousands of people online and make more money.So, if you insist that your trainer must be physically present, you're obviously running the risk of ending up in the hands of armatures.Only beginners and very few experts will still devote months and years teaching few people in a physical setting.Another huge challenge is the availability of a good academy in your vicinity.Programming courses are not something you can have access to in any computer training center. It is special.So, for you to have access to a very good training center, you might need to travel to another location.That means, if you don't have the resources and freedom to relocate, the opportunity to acquire the skill is denied.Another challenge is that learning a course like programming in a physical training center is, many times, costlier than online training.The tuition alone is far costlier. When you add the cost of transportation for six months or one year, you will shout.2. He also explained that he needs motivation to learn. According to him, if he pays for online training, he might end up abandoning it but in a physical training, the presence of other people learning with him will be a helpful motivation.He's also very right on this one. There is another problem, however.If you always expect to get motivated by people, a lot will be difficult for you. I think he needs training on self-motivation.Lack of self-motivation greatly hampers productivity.As time passes by, a lot of things will surely go online and lots of people will surely work remotely.If you lack self-motivation, ten years from now, you might not cope because most of the things we do physically will be completely virtual.My advice to him and to anyone who need other people to motivate them is;Instead of shunning online training completely, why not consider paying for extra-ordinary coaching.You can pay your online mentor to set targets for you and force you to accomplish it.The opportunity to acquire that cherished skill might be denied eventually if you continue to wait for an opportunity to be trained physically.Learn to embrace the trend and accomplish your goals.

Why You Should Prefer Online Training for ICT Courses

Uche Joe, One year ago

Another amazing opportunity to learn together is here. I'm so excited! I'm commencing a series of lecture on the topic, Online vs Physical Training, today. My focus is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of training to help you make informed decision whenever you need to acquire more skills.Online or virtual training or e-learning is a form of knowledge transfer through the internet. Online trainers teach their students through various ways namely; computer software, video tutorials, eBooks, webinars, social media platforms, etc.Physical training, on the other hand, is a form of training whereby students are taught face to face. For a physical training to take place, the trainers and the trainees should be in the same place.Online training has been around for a long time, covid-19 came and boosted it greatly. Some people were fast enough to grab the opportunity online training presents while others were very skeptical about it.Let's consider the following, as we analyse these two forms of training;DistanceOnline training removes the barrier of distance. Some training centers might be quite far from you and will cost you a lot on transportation. Programming courses, for example, are not common, especially if you want experts to coach you.Most reputable ICT training centers where qualified experts coach students are located in the cities. So, if you're not in the city, you won't have access to them. If you're in the city, it will cost you heavily on transportation, especially if the course is going to last for an extended period of time like six months, one year or more.Even if you decide to rent an apartment close to the training center, the cost of renting and making the apartment habitable might end up costing you much more. When I was learning Java programming many years ago, I spent over hundred thousand naira (N100,000) on transportation.Apart from the transportation cost, you're also going to experience lots of transport-related inconveniences. If you're living in Lagos, you're going to experience hell on the road. When I was learning Java, I, sometimes, return home very late in the night, very exhausted either as a result of shortage of buses going to my place or other challenges.Then, I was living in Nnewi and going to remote part of Onitsha to learn the skill. If I was experiencing such inconveniences in Anambra State, imagine the kind of inconvenience I will experience if it was in Lagos. If you've not experienced Lagos traffic, you will not understand.Online training solves the challenge of distance completely. The possible challenge you might experience in online training with regard to distance is internet connection issue.If you're living in a place where there is very poor or no internet connection, you will struggle with online training, especially if the training requires you to connect to the internet any time you want to access it.I envisaged the challenge of internet connection and made all my tutorials downloadable to solve the problem.You might be thinking how making the tutorials downloadable can solve internet connection issue, I will tell you.If my student is experiencing network issue, all he needs do is to move to a place where there is stable internet connection and download all the tutorials there.One of my students happened to travel to Turkey with her boss. When she got there, she took advantage of free Wi-Fi connection there and downloaded all the tutorials. After downloading the tutorials, you can comfortably learn offline without requiring internet connections.You will only require internet connection when you want to call or chat me when you encounter issues. Thankfully, calling or chatting doesn't require extremely strong internet connection.Internet Network providers have actually done a good job in extending their coverage. So, the problem of reaching your online tutor via telephone or social media is minimal.COST When it comes to acquiring skills, cost is a significant factor, especially in Africa.Overwhelming majority are poor in Africa. As a result, they cannot afford to pay for expensive courses.Most online training are far cheaper than physical training. You might think that online training is cheaper because the quality is low, but it is not true at all.Most online training have even more quality than physical training, I will tell you why. Online training makes use of videos, animation, illustrations that can easily register in your memory. You can always refer to the videos or other interactive materials to recall all that you were taught.In physical training, your lecturer teaches and leaves. If you missed the lecture or forget how he explained some key concepts, you might not have any video to refer to.The handout or textbook might not explain it so well like the way he would have explained it a video.If the course in question a computer programming, practice is key. Textbook will only give you the fundamental.So, if you miss a programming lecture in a physical setting, you won't have anything tangible to refer to.So, you see, physical training doesn't actually have more quality.Back to cost; the reason why physical training is more expensive is as a result of the running cost of the training center; house rent, generator repair and maintenance, fueling, taxes, worker's salary, repair and replacement of fixed assets and more.So, the above costs usually result to a heavy burden on the managers of physical training centers.Let's look at this example; let's say you established a physical computer training center.  Let's see how much you're likely going to be making as your net profit each month. I will try to be as moderate as possibleOffice rent = *N10,000*Fueling (N800 daily x 24days) = N19,200Staff Salaries (Let's say, you didn't employ a trainer; you're the one teaching but you should have a receptionist who receives at least N15,000 per month) = *N15,000*Repair and maintenance of your fixed assets = N5,000Transportation to and from your office (N500 daily x 24days) = N12,000Total monthly expenses = N61,200 Let's look at your monthly income. An office in a city which goes for N10,000 per month will accommodate about ten students at a time.Let's assume that the ten students are paying for six months web development course at N70,000 each;10 students x N70,000 = N700,000 divided by 6 months = *N116,700*Total monthly income = *N116,700*Total monthly expenses = *N61,200*Total profit = N55,500If you decide to employ another programmer to assist you, the programmer will take nothing less than N100k per month.If I should add the cost of setting up the training center, you will shout.So, you see, your business will run on deficit if the cost of your courses is very affordable. For you to gain, therefore,  each student should be paying at least N150k for six months course. That's why physical trainer centers are costly.If you happen to get a cheap physical training center, don't be quick to pay for their training. Make necessary enquiry.They might not have what it takes to coach you to professional level.Online training, on the other hand removes most of these running costs from the trainer.The running cost is, most times, below N20,000 per monthLet's do a moderate analysis.Cost of data = N7,000Miscellaneous expenses = N5,000Total monthly expenses = *N12,000*So, you see. It is far cheaper to run online training than physical training. If online training can be so effective and still affordable, it seems illogical to spend so much money to establish a physical training center that will end up paying little or nothing.That's one of the reasons why most physical training centers in Nigeria are either closing up or gradually moving online.Course availability and access to experts.One outstanding advantage of online training is unlimited access to experts and courses.There are unlimited resources online for you to learn from. In online space, whatever you want, you get.You can be tutored and mentored by a person quite far away from you. If you can't get experts for a particular course in Nigeria, you can easily get them teach you from other part of the world.You can't, however, say the same for physical training centers. In a physical training, your choices are highly limited.In a physical setting, you will only have access to the courses that are close to you.Take programming course, for instance. For you to emerge a professional in web development, there are lots of programming languages you're going to learn.Some of these languages are not easily accessible in a physical setting.If you go to a physical ICT center for training, they will introduce you to the courses they have. If you're not well-informed, you might think that those are all the courses you need to emerge an expert.However, when you get deep into the system, you will gradually understand that there are much more to learn.Finding where to continue learning those other courses in a physical setting might be very challenging.If you're within Lagos or some few big cities in Nigeria and beyond, you might have access to most of the courses you need in a physical center but the center may also not be close to you.I've talked about the challenges of distance and transportation. You will end up spending hundreds of thousand only on transportation with its accompanying stress.Another huge challenge in physical training is access to experts. I've proved to you that ICT expert are fast going online, considering the cost of managing physical training.Expert trainers have seen amazing opportunities in online space and are migrating fast.As a result, most physical training centers are surely struggling with shortage of expert trainers.The few experts who would still agree to train people in a physical setting will charge huge sum which, of course, will be beyond the reach of most physical center owners.Take for instance, an expert in web development will charge nothing less than N200,000 per month to teach in a physical center.Only few physical training centers can afford to pay this much in Nigeria.This has resulted to most physical training centers hiring inexperienced cheap trainers who cannot go beyond teaching you the fundamentals.So, if you're paying for a physical training, you're most likely going to end up being trained by an inexperienced person.In online training, most of the tutorial videos and other materials you will learn with were prepared by experts. You also have the opportunity to have a highly experienced expert as your coach. This is possible because, it takes less stress to coach online.I'm not saying that there are no good physical training centers, I'm simply emphasizing their availability and accessibility.I will continue this article in my next post.

Marketing Strategies for Making Millions in Web Development - Part 1

Uche Joe, One year ago

All along in my lecture on How to Make Millions in Web Development, I've been emphasizing the indispensability of marketing.Having a skill or a business is one thing, knowing how to make large number of people buy from you or pay for your service is another.If you're an expert in a particular field but you don't market your business or skill in any way, your subordinates will make more money than you if they promote their skill.Business or skill without marketing equals POVERTY.As a web development student, prospective student or professional, consider the following strategies to hit millions in web development.Budget money for marketingAs a web development student or someone who is going to go into web development in the future, don't plan to make the same mistake over 90% of people are making.Over 90% of people who learn skill or go into business hardly had plans or budget money for consistent marketing. Don't make that mistake.If you're a web development student or prospective student, while you're saving money for acquiring the skill, also save money for marketing the skill.If you're already a professional web developer, reserve a good percentage of your profit for consistent marketing.The money budgeted for marketing should be used for learning marketing strategies and actual promotion.Pay people to teach you how to promote your products or services both online and offline. Practice consistently and spend good money in consistent promotion.áá áDon't stop marketingIf you stop marketing, you start losing money. Remember that you have competitors and many of them are marketing consistently.Even Coca Cola, in spite of its popularity, is still being promoted with millions of dollars. They understand that if they stop promoting, their business will start declining, as they don't have monopoly right in the business.So, always set aside good percentage of your profits for consistent marketing.Build list of prospects consistentlyOne of the best marketing strategies is list building. List building is all about connecting with so many people who are interested in your products or services. Social media has made it so easy to connect with many people. You can connect with prospects on WhatsApp by making them save your contact while you save theirs so that they can view your WhatsApp status and receive your WhatsApp broadcast.You can also create groups on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms and get people into it.WhatsApp is my favourite platform for list building. I build list on email and my website too. Just spend money to learn how to build lists of prospects in different social media platforms. After learning the strategies, you can sit back and choose your favourite platform(s).After which, you must spend good morning in social media ad to get as many prospects as possible to your favourite platform(s).When you spend money to build list of prospects, these prospects become your customers and potential customers for life. You will be spending little or no money to market to them all your life.If you failed to build list of prospects, you will continue to spend huge amount of money any time you want to advertise your product or service.Give value for free to build trustSomeone who received my Web Design eBook and tutorial videos for free was so surprised. He wondered how I could give such value for free. He asked me, why are you giving all these valuable tutorials and eBooks for free? According to him, he has never received anything as valuable as that for free. So, he wondered!Listen, after building your list or while building your list, you must make effort to make your prospects trust you enough to buy from you.One of the best ways to make people trust you on social media is by giving them something very valuable for free.You can write an eBook and give them for free, you can teach them for free just like I'm doing now. You can answer their questions and mentor them for free for some time. Just find out something that will truly help them so much and give it to them for free.As they're consuming your free gifts, their trust for you and your product will naturally grow.If you market to them subsequently, some of them will consider buying from you.Don't stop posting on social media, be consistentSometimes, posting every day on social media can be very tiring but you must be disciplined enough to do so if you're serious about building trust.You don't just have to post anything that comes from your mind, you must ensure that your contents are valuable. It can be entertaining, educative or informative. Just make sure that you're posting values.Don't post your business advert every day. If you do, your prospects will get tired of it. Many people have chatted me up appreciating my email and whatsapp post. They're truly learning and I'm glad they're.Celebrate your successes publiclyWhenever you make a breakthrough, celebrate publicly with your prospects. Tell them your success story. Show them how they can also make success.If you develop a fantastic website, showcase it to them. If you make millions, showcase it but do so carefully and intelligently with security in mind.If you're too private, you may die poor. You must learn to live a public life to activate success that follow publicity. Learn to celebrate yourself for others to celebrate you.Use positive testimonials to build trustStill on building trust, if someone chats you and appreciates your expertise, screenshotá it and showcase it.Build a testimonial system in your website and collect reviews from your customers and prospects. Showcase their reviews to build trust. The reviews can come in form of screenshots, videos or graphic design.ááá So many of my students who paid for my ICT courses including web development have chatted me and were thanking me for so much value they were getting from the tutorials.Click here to see what our students are saying about the courses they bought from our academy... Use WebinarLearn how to make a presentation before a camera. Learn how to use webinar. Webinar means web seminar, that is seminar that is conducted on the web. Listen, people trust you more quickly when they see you speak live. You can start by making videos with your phone. When your confidence grows, go ahead and go live.Exploit affiliate marketing systemOne mistake I see people make is trying to do everything about marketing their business all by themselves. Don't do everything all alone. You don't have all the talents. Give other people opportunity to promote your skill and be honest and generous enough to pay them well.I have an affiliate marketing system. People who are promoting my products and services are called Heroic Ambassadors and Fans. They earn 20% and 10% respectively from my academy and services.I want to work with everybody, I want everybody to earn from me. You can do the same.If you're interested in promoting our products and services and earning from it, click hereYou must learn copywriting, you must!I cannot overemphasize the importance of copywriting in social media marketing. If you have no knowledge of copywriting, your presentation or social media posts will be less attractive.You must learn how to write hypnotically. You must learn how to hypnotize your audience with your pen. It is a must if you must make huge exploits on social media.Sometime ago, I gave some people who performed some tasks for me, my copywriting eBook and it was very helpful to many of them. Recently, I decided to send the copywriting ebook to you via email. Hope you've gotten yours? Hope it was very useful? If you've not gotten it, check through your email, you can subscribe to my email lectures by clicking here Or continue to watch my whatsapp status, I might share it in my whatsapp status soon for free.

6 Ways to Make Millions in Web Development

Uche Joe, One year ago

1. Building professional websites for clientsThe commonest way to make money in web development is by developing professional websites for clients.Professional websites are not cheap. They demand lots of skills and creativity. So, if you possess the skill, you will surely make good money.When I talk about professional websites, I'm not talking about the common WordPress websites most people can design. I'm talking about websites that demand good coding skill.Websites like bank websites, school management websites, transport and logistics websites, airline websites, money-making/donation sites like MMM, ecommerce sites like jumia and konga, bitcoin management website, etc.That's the skill I teach my students; If you learn how to code such professional and money-spinning websites, you will make millions.To make millions quickly by developing professional website for clients, do the following;Don't work alone, work with many peopleIf you're advertising your skill consistently and you're good at what you do, you're most likely going to get more contracts than you alone can handle, so you need to work with other professionals to meet up.I've told you before that the major reason why I went into teaching web development is to raise professionals that I can work with.If you've been following my WhatsApp status for long, you would have noticed that I hardly advertise my web development services; I, instead advertise my online web development training.If I should concentrate in advertising my web development services, I will get so much contracts and I won't have time to handle them all.Though I partner with some people but the partnership would have been smoother and more flexible if I'm partnering with my students alone.In fact, right now, I'm already getting contract than I can handle even though I'm yet to start advertising. When the first batch of my students graduate, I will have more hands to meet up with more demands, then millions will flow.So, you must not work alone, you must partner with others to meet up.2. Build/Sell templatesIf you want to make millions in web development, you must use your spare time to build templates of popular websites. Make a list of websites people demand most often; sites like ecommerce websites, business websites, school management websites, bitcoin management website, Church management websites, etc.Start building a sample of these websites. Don't wait until you get a client before you start building sites, build samples and keep. Showcase the samples to potentials clients.The easiest way to get a client pay you a handsome amount is to show them great samples of the site you've done.If you have already-made samples of websites you've done, you can complete a one-month project in few days.Imagine getting a job of Three hundred thousand naira (N300,000) and completing it in three days or a job of N1million and completing it in one week. If you have templates, you can.Apart from showcasing the template to get clients, you can also sell the templates and make good money. There are so many web developers who would prefer buying already developed websites instead of starting from the scratch.The beauty of it all is that you can sell one template to unlimited number of people.Imagine selling your template to over a thousand people at, let say, N100k each. Do the maths. Its N100million. If you sell it at N50k, you will make N50million.You might argue that it will be difficult for one to sell a template to up to a thousand persons. If you're extremely aggressive with marketing and you're targeting the whole Africa and beyond, you will surely make even greater sales.Let me however, be moderate. If you sell the template to 100 people at N50k each. That's N5million. So, you see, it's lucrative.3. Make millions from your vision web appHaving studied the history of popular apps like Facebook, YouTube and even our own paystack, I realized something similar in their stories.The founders had a vision to solve a certain problem in the society. They used their programming skill to develop an app to power their vision.They sourced for fund and promoted their vision, finally their vision blossomed and here they are reaping the proceeds in billions.You can do the same. If you're serious about making millions in web development, you should consider developing an app or apps that can solve problems of millions of people.You should strategize to raise fund to promote your app. With your sound knowledge of digital marketing, you will make a headway.There are lots of problems in Africa. If you can develop apps to solve one or two major ones, if your app is well promoted, you will surely sell.It might take years but when the money starts flowing, it flows in billions. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group said that they got zero profit from Alibaba.com for over two years. They continued to spend, to strategize and to promote.Today, Jack Ma's net worth is 42.5 billion USDIf you can create and consistently promote an app that solves problems of millions, you will end up making billions. I will, surely, create such apps with my students in the future.4. Make millions Managing WebsitesAnother way to make good money is by managing people's websites. Having developed lots of websites, I realized that most people just own a website and leave it dormant.Some people assume that the moment they own a website, the website will start generating money for them. If they were not able to get client through the website, they tend to abandon the site.Some will continue to maintain the site without earning from it.You, as a web developer and digital marketer, can come to their aid. You can propose to manage their websites and generate revenue for them through the site.If you're good in digital marketing, you will do well here.You can manage a website effectively by; adding more features to the website, blogging about the product promoted in the website and directing people to the website.You can also run social media ads and direct traffic to the website.You can come up with so many innovations based on the kind of product the website is promoting. To get as many people as possible hand over their website for you to manage, you must be good with writing proposal, presentation and objection handling.Remember, you should not work alone. If you can't write a good proposal, hire someone who can. If you're not good with blogging, hire someone who is good at it.If you don't have money to hire these people, partner and share the proceeds with them.Imagine managing 20 websites. If you're earning, let's say N50k per website in a month, you will be earning total of N1million in a month.Listen, don't assume that people will not pay up to N50k monthly for managing their website. If you can generate the revenue, they will be willing to pay even more.If you're good at what you do and you know how to target people who can afford to pay you well, you will excel.One of my great plans is to employ my students to develop and manage websites in Africa and beyond.5. Write a book on web developmentIf you're good with writing, you can write books on various aspects of web development and sell. Even if you're not good with writing, you can still write.One of the easiest ways to write a book in this era is by compiling your social media post and converting them to a book.I've written up to ten eBooks. Almost all of them are compiled from my social media posts.This particular lecture, HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS IN WEB DEVELOPMENT, will soon be compiled into a book. Sometime ago, I lectured on HOW TO RAISE MONEY TO PAY FOR EXPENSIVE COURSE. I will soon compile it into a book, as well.If I decide to sell the eBooks, I will make money. Even if I decide to give some of them out for free, I will still make money from them. Either way, it's a win win!Many people who wants to go into web development were asking so many questions. Questions like how to make money with the skill, how to get paying job abroad, how to get started, the programming languages to learn.So many questions are seeking for answers. So, if you can write books to answer those questions, many people will be willing to buy.When I started promoting my Web development course in my online institute, I realized that some people who need ICT skills, don't know how to go about it.I decided to write a book titled, WEB DESIGN BEGINNER'S GUIDE. I also made some videos to show people how to start the development of a simple business website.If you've not gotten the book, click here to have it....Also click here to watch the tutorial videos on how to commence the development of a simple business website...6. Teach PeopleIf you're good with teaching just like me, you can consider setting up your own academy. There is money in teaching especial in our time where social media has given us the privilege to teach unlimited number of people without meeting them physically.I have students in almost all states in Nigeria. Most of them have never met me but they believe so much in me.You know why, I'm a gifted teacher. I'm naturally compassionate. When I teach, my intention is to make you heroic. I want all my students to prosper. Please don't see this as bragging, teaching is truly my area of strength. I've been teaching since childhood.One more reason why I'm excelling in online training is because I try my best to be honest. Some online trainers are fraudulent. They take advantage of the fact that their students can't easily meet them physically and defraud them.Listen, if you truly want to succeed as an online trainer, you must be very straight-forward.Few days ago, I got a call from a prospective student, he explained to me that someone wants to sponsor him but he wanted me to inflate the cost in order to get more money from the person.Though, his reasons for trying to inflate the cost seemed very reasonable but I found it difficult to dance to his tune, as I didn't want to be dishonest.Thankfully, I was able to come up with a straight-forward and smart way to handle the situation without being dishonest.He was shocked at my honesty and extremely impressed at my smart idea. Wisdom and honesty will lead you far.If you're born to teach, build an online academy. Physical training is dying fast. It will continue to die. Nigerian economy does not favour physical training especially if you're not capable of investing millions in it.However, I must warn you. If you're not good with teaching. If you're not the patient and compassionate type, don't teach. Exploit other aspects of web development.Teaching is like a calling. Not everybody can do it well.I will be calling it a day today.

How to Make Millions in Web Development

Uche Joe, One year ago

As the value of Naira continues to fall, if you can't make money in millions in this country, life will surely be a challenge to you. Even if you're not a Nigerian, you need lots of money to survive in your country.So, it's worthwhile that whatever you take up as a profession should have the potential of building a stable financial future for you.If what you're doing right now does not have what it takes to explode your finances in millions, that job should be temporal, you should have plans of scaling higher, otherwise, you might regret a lot at old age.There are so many businesses and skills that can skyrocket your finances if you press the right button. ICT skills are trending now. People who knows the way are hitting it big.People are making money in cryptocurrency, digital marketing, software development and more. The future of ICT has always been bright. Covid-19 came and boosted its potential. Businesses are now being forced to go online; programming skills, digital marketing, copywriting and all manner of internet skills have, therefore, gained overwhelming relevance.So, if you have internet skills and you're smart and strategic, you will hit millions much quicker.Web development is one area of software development I love so much and it is the center of our discussion today. However, even if you're not interested in web development, the strategy you will learn in this course can be applied to rake millions in other field of life.I want to expose to you how to make millions in web development. I want to also correct some wrong assumptions among young web developers. Most ICT training centers both online and offline hardly teach their students how to make money with their skill. Even some of them who try to teach them, don't do it well.No wonder when their students graduate, they end up confused. Many young web developers thought that the only way to make money with their skill is to work for people.As a result, if they're not employed or don't get clients, they become stranded.Before I start listing various ways you can make millions consistently with web development skills, I want to start by making it clear to you that if you're not very hardworking, smart and strategic, you won't make a headway.If you're faint-hearted and lazy, you will make little or no money. Millions and billions are for those who are ready to do what it takes.One assumption you must quickly kill in your mind, as we commence, is thinking that this is a get rich quick scheme like MMM. Please it is not. When some people saw the caption, HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS IN WEB DEVELOPMENT, many of them quickly assume that they can make millions in one day or few weeks.Yes, it is possible to make millions in few days or weeks in web development but, as a beginner, you have to water the ground to get there.That's said, if you do the following, you will make millions in web development;Learn Digital Marketing FirstFor the interest of those who don't know what digital marketing is; digital marketing involves various ways to reach out to your audience or customers with the aid of digital tools.You can reach your customers and potential customers via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, websites, YouTube, google and other social media platforms.Digital marketing is not just about posting stuff in your WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, it is much more. You must learn how to do it properly if you're serious about making millions.Millions do not fall from heaven; the millions you need are in other people's hands. To get the money from them, you need to learn the best way to market to them.Most small businesses usually ignore marketing. That's why they hardly scale. Most small businesses you know ten years ago are still small today. You know why, they don't budget good money for marketing. If you fail to market your skill or business, you will not grow.The higher the number of people that know about your business or skills, the higher the possibility of making more sales or getting more contracts and hitting millions.It is important that you learn digital marketing even before you start learning any other skill or establish any business. I will tell you why? A good knowledge of digital marketing will save you a lot of money and help you to properly assess the kind of skill or business that will pay you good cash.If you don't have knowledge of digital marketing, you're most likely going to make some terrible mistakes and lose money. Let me give you example; some people went into blogging, comedy, etc. because they heard that some people are making millions in it.When they came, they found out that it takes a lot to build audience and maintain steady traffic. As a result, they became frustrated and gave up after spending a lot of time and money.If they had prior knowledge of digital marketing, they would have been equipped with vital information on building and managing audience.With the knowledge, they will realistically access whether they have the skill and resources to make breakthrough in the field they're about to go into.This is why I give all my students free digital marketing training because I want the serious ones among them to start on time to learn how to promote their skill.I want them to start promoting their skill and partnering with me even when they're still learning so that by the time they graduate, they would have been established.So, if you want to learn web development, learn digital marketing first. If you pay for my web development course, I will give you access to my digital marketing course for free.Learn web development skillAfter mastering digital marketing skill, you can, then, choose additional skill to learn or business to go into. Those who love web development should go ahead and learn web development.While venturing into web development, consider the following;Don't teach yourself, find a teacherAs a result of lack of fund, some people find solace in learning through YouTube and other free or cheap resources. It is not bad to learn through YouTube but it is counter-productive to concentrate in learning through it.If you don't have money, start working towards saving money. Within the time you're saving money, you can start learning through YouTube but the moment you save enough money, find a mentor.If you concentrate in learning through YouTube, it will take you much longer time to emerge a professional. If it takes someone who is being mentored six months to emerge a professional, it will take you two years if you're struggling to teach yourself.Regrettably, you might not even emerge a professional after two years if you're not very smart and consistent.Someone chatted me on WhatsApp and lamented that he has been learning coding in YouTube for five years but he's still yet to make a headway. This is because he does not have a tutor who will be giving him necessary guide.Time is money. It's wise to use money to buy time and use time to make more money.If you pay a mentor to coach you, you stand the chance of being connected to opportunities by your mentor. I have started working with some of my students, I have plans of employing many more of them when they graduate. A good mentor will not just teach you the skill, he will also teach you how to make money with it. So, if you have plans of learning web development and making good money with it, I will surely help you. Chat me on WhatsApp via +2348037747461.The lecture will continue in my next post.

Chinese Astronauts Return To Earth After Record Space Mission

Daily Independent, One year ago

Three Chinese astronauts returned to Earth on Saturday after 183 days in space, ending China's longest crewed mission as it continues its quest to become a major space power.The Shenzhou-13 was the latest mission in Beijing's drive to rival the United States, after landing a rover on Mars and sending probes to the Moon.State broadcaster CCTV showed the capsule landing in a cloud of dust, with ground crew then arriving at the site in helicopters.The two men and one woman - Zhai Zhigang, Ye Guangfu and Wang Yaping - returned to Earth shortly before 10am Beijing time after six months aboard the Tianhe core module of China's Tiangong space station.Ground crew applauded as the astronauts each took turns to report they were in good physical condition.Mr Zhai, the mission commander, was the first to emerge from the capsule roughly 45 minutes after the landing, waving and grinning at cameras as he was lifted by ground crew into a specially designed chair before being bundled into a blanket."I'm proud of our heroic country," he said in an interview with CCTV shortly after leaving the capsule. "I feel extremely good."I'm proud of our heroic country. I feel extremely goodZhai Zhigang, Shenzhou-13 mission commanderThe trio launched in the Shenzhou-13 from China's north-western Gobi Desert last October, the second of four crewed missions to be sent during 2021-2022 to assemble the country's first permanent space station.Ms Wang became the first Chinese woman to spacewalk last November, as she and Mr Zhai installed space station equipment during a six-hour stint.Mr Zhai, 55, is a former fighter pilot who performed China's first spacewalk in 2008, while Mr Ye is a People's Liberation Army pilot.The trio completed two spacewalks, carried out numerous scientific experiments, set up equipment and tested technologies for future construction during their time in orbit.The astronauts spent the past few weeks tidying up and preparing the cabin facilities and equipment for the crew of the incoming Shenzhou-14, expected to be launched in the coming months.China's previous space mission record was set by last year's Shenzhou-12 deployment, which lasted 92 days.Six months will become the normal residence period aboard China's space station, according to state broadcaster CCTV.The world's second-largest economy has poured billions into its military-run space programme, with plans to have the space station permanently manned from this year and eventually sending humans to the Moon.China has come a long way in catching up with the United States and Russia, whose astronauts and cosmonauts have decades of experience in space exploration.But under President Xi Jinping, the country's plans for its heavily-promoted "space dream" have been put into overdrive.Besides a space station, Beijing is also planning to build a base on the Moon, and the country's National Space Administration said it aims to launch a crewed lunar mission by 2029.China has been excluded from the International Space Station since 2011, when the US banned Nasa from engaging with the country.While China does not plan to use its space station for global co-operation on the scale of the ISS, Beijing has said it is open to foreign collaboration.The ISS is due for retirement after 2024, although Nasa has said it could remain functional until 2030.

Elon Musk mocks Twitter board for being desperate to keep their 'easy gigs' after the directors adopted a dramatic 'poison pill' defense to block his $43B hostile takeover

Daily Mail Online, One year ago

Elon Musk has mocked Twitter's board of directors after they adopted a so-called 'poison pill' strategy in an attempt to block him from executing a $43 billion hostile takeover.After remaining uncharacteristically silent on Twitter for nearly 24 hours, Musk on Friday responded with a laughing emoji to a version of the classic 'Distracted Boyfriend' meme mocking Twitter's board.The imaged depicted 'Twitter's board' looking wistfully at the option to 'keep that easy gig that gives me shares' as 'Twitter investors' look on with disgust because they are 'happy with $54.20 a share', the amount of Musk's unsolicited bid.Musk also responded to another account's poll showing a majority of respondents in favor of his plan to take Twitter private, writing: 'Thanks for the support!' It comes after Twitter's board announced the dramatic poison pill plan to prevent Musk from increasing his stake in the company further.Also known as a shareholder rights provision, the plan announced on Friday would trigger a dilution of company shares if any shareholder builds up a 15 percent stake without the board's approval.The plan does not prevent Twitter from accepting Musk's offer or entering negotiations with him or other potential buyers - but it will stop the billionaire from putting pressure on the board by buying up ever more shares on the open market.Musk, the world's richest man, currently owns a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter and is seeking to take the company private with an unsolicited bid of $54.20 per share, well above Thursday's closing price. He says he wants to bolster free speech.In addition to Goldman Sachs, Twitter has brought on investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase to advise it in responding to Musk's bid, Bloomberg Law reported.JPMorgan, the largest US bank, declined to comment when reached by DailyMail.com. The bank already has a contentious relationship with Musk, and is involved in suits and countersuits with Tesla over his tweets and bond contracts. Twitter said in a statement that its poison pill plan is 'similar to other plans adopted by publicly held companies in comparable circumstances'. 'The Rights Plan will reduce the likelihood that any entity, person or group gains control of Twitter through open market accumulation without paying all shareholders an appropriate control premium,' Twitter said. According to Twitter's plan, if Musk or any other person or group acquires at least 15 percent of Twitter's stock, the poison pill will trigger.