How Smart Fake Pastors Organize Fake Miracles

Uche Joe, 5 months ago

I'm glad to continue my lecture series on the topic WHY YOU MUST BE SPIRITUALLY EDUCATEDMy name is Uche Joe. I'm the founder of a fast-growing ICT and talent development firm, Heroic Universal Concept Int'l.When my very close friend got to know the effort I put in research about spiritual matters, she told me to my face that it doesn't worth it.In her opinion, we don't need to stress ourselves to know so much about things that are beyond us. We should just live a simple life and make use of the little knowledge we have.That's her opinion but I don't think she's right. One day, she was getting confused on a particular sensitive spiritual subject on how the white missionaries were accused of enslaving Africa.A lot of Christians who were going back to traditional religion, were accusing white missionaries who brought Christianity, of enslaving Africa.She almost agreed with these traditionalists because she doesn't know the whole story. Thankfully, I know the history of Christianity and enslavement in Africa.  The real missionaries who brought Christianity did not come with enslavement. They came with genuine intention and saved Africans from some religious captivity like killing of twins, etc.However, there are other people who came for enslavement. Governments of western world enslaved Africans. Those who brought the true gospel brought light and salvation and not enslavement.So, you can see that, there are two sets of white people that came; those who came for the true gospel and those who came for enslavement.The mistake those Africans who are leaving Christianity are making is that they're wrongfully accusing those who brought true gospel of the evil others did.The moment you start taking religious education seriously, you will see the need to take your time to study all these histories. If you know little, those who know more will deceive you. Listen, if everyone should take spiritual education seriously, there won't be many fake pastors or fake spiritualists on earth.Fake pastors and spiritualists abound because there are millions of uninformed and gullible people everywhere.Smart fake people are making billions from the spiritual illiteracy and gullibility of millions of people.Listen, if you understand little of Human Psychology and how to market your craft to millions of people, you can make billions from the spiritual illiteracy of millions of people.I was researching on Igbo traditional medicine when I came across a video of one popular Dibia (Igbo traditional spiritualist), Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki.In the video, he was exposing fake pastors he was working for. He explained in details the extent a fake pastor can go to make his fake miracle look real.According to him, if a fake pastor wants to cure a mad person in his next crusade in a particular city, the pastor will start strategizing 3 months before the event.He would look for a hungry young man who is ready to do anything for money and pay him, let's say, N50k or N100k to act like a mad person for three months in that particular city.He would be trained on how to act like a mad person and given some money to travel to the city.The fake mad man would suddenly appear in the city from nowhere and start acting mad in public places especially market places where everyone will see him.After three months, the fake pastor will organize crusade in that city. On the first day, the fake mad man would come and hover around the crusade ground where the pastor would be preaching.On the second day, he would start making his way into the crusade ground like a real mad man would. Then the pastor will notice him and start prophesying that God told him to set him free.His guards will bring the fake mad man and after minutes of fake spiritual exercise, the mad person will be made whole. After the deliverance, you might hear him ask, "Where am I?" This will make people emotional.With this singular miracle, the pastor has captured the minds of majority of the people in that crusade. Whatever he tells them to do, they will do it.Trust these fake pastors, he will utilize it instantly to make lots of money. They would start raising fund immediately after the miracle because they know that people are ready to do anything at that point.They might start by prophesying for some rich people in that crusade. They have, prior to the crusade, taking record of rich people in that city and must have used fake prophesy to make them attend the crusade.They will tell them to see them after the crusade for special prayer to prevent imminent collapse of their business or death in their family. You know, special prayer goes with special money.I will tell you this for free once again, if you understand human psychology, if you know how to market your craft to millions, if you're confident, eloquent and smart, you will make billions if you decide to become a fake pastor in Africa today.We are massively spiritually illiterates. That's why.

Why You Must Be Spiritually Educated

Uche Joe, 5 months ago

I'm here again to INSPIRE YOU like never before.My name is Uche Joe. I'm the founder of a fast-growing ICT and talent development firm, Heroic Universal Concept Int'l.Today, I want to give you reasons WHY YOU MUST BE SPIRITUALLY EDUCATEDI got an email from one young influential Nigerian, John Obidi. Many of you know him. He's a great mind.He emphasized that you must create time to study about human biology, psychology and spirituality.He explained that if you master how your body, mind and spirit work, it will be very difficult for anybody to deceive you. You will gain the power to create the kind of great life you want - a life where you're in control.After going through his email, I believed him absolutely. If you study and master how your body, brain and mind works, if you devote copious time to research how things truly work in spiritual realm, you will gradually garner so much wisdom to last you for a lifetime.Unfortunately, people are too busy to create such time. I know you think that biology is only for medical personnel and biology teachers. You think psychology is for psychologist only.You think learning about spirituality is for spiritualists alone. You think studying about the economy is for the economists alone.If this is your thought, you're wrong. You should learn little of everything and a lot about some sensitive aspect of life.Spirituality is a very important and a very sensitive part of life. It is so importunity because it determines your spiritual security here on earth and your ultimate destination in the great beyond.I use to wonder how an uneducated fake pastor or dubious Dibia (traditional medical doctor) could easily deceive and defraud educated people.It is easy for them because those educated people are illiterates spiritually. They know nothing about how things work in the spirit.One very popular Nigerian Pastor was being exposed sometime ago. I was following the story then. I felt bad when I saw a prominent educated Chief telling the press that the Pastor dubbed him of 27 million naira. I wondered how a learned Chief like him could fall prey that easily. The problem is that he is not spiritually educated.One popular Igbo Traditional Medicine man popularly known as Akwa Okuko tiwara aki exposed some pastors that were patronizing him.He analyzed how they stage miracles and how they manipulate people's psychology to make money.I will tell you the story next Sunday.This lecture on SPIRITUAL EDUCATION will be broken into series of lectures.

Is Jesus Truly Fake

Uche Joe, 9 months ago

Today is special, truly special. I'm starting an extremely important topic today.All my lectures are life-saving but this one is extremely life-saving.The topic is 'IS JESUS TRULY FAKE?'I will tell a story of my elder sister who is presently addressed as EZENWANYI OKOSIMIRI (Queen of the coast).I will also tell you how I came across MMIRIENWEILO (Popular young native doctor).The story of my sister and the consistent lectures of Mmirienweilo necessitated this lecture.If you miss this lecture, hmmmmmm!My name is Uche Joe. I'm the founder of a fast-growing ICT firm in Africa, Heroic Universal Concept Int'l.I'm sorry, I stopped my Friday ICT lecture for months now. I was actually engaged in completing video tutorials for Mobile App development in my online academy. You know I like making my tutorials detailed enough for my students.So, for months, I've been consistently making video tutorials to complete the fifteen courses under mobile app development in my Academy.Making those videos is quite tasking but the effort I'm putting in it worth it.So, if you're interested in Mobile App Development, no other mobile app development course on the internet covers what I've covered in this course.Pay for it now and commence training. You will thank me later. To see details of the mobile app development course, CLICK HEREBy next month, I will commence our weekly ICT lectures and question and answers session again.Back to our topic today. I'm starting a series of lectures today. I will introduce it today and continue next Sunday.Sometime ago, I came across a video of my elder sister (eldest sister) on Facebook. She was wearing an immaculate white gown and talking unstoppably inside a river or a beach.I was shocked to the spine when I saw her. When I listened to what she was saying, she was actually praying and blessing the world.I felt she was on a movie set because she's an actor and a gospel musician.However, when I chatted her and enquired, I got no response.  She later called to explain to me that she has decided to answer her divine call in a traditional way.According to her, she believe in Igbo spirituality and was divinely called to uphold it for the benefit of humanity.I wanted to object to some of the points she raised but when I found out that her mind was made up, I ended the call. I later told her that I don't know anything much about Igbo spirituality. As a result, I'm not the type of person that accept or condemn what I know nothing about.My elder brother and the spirit-filled younger sister who is presently in the US were outrightly against her position. Others were probably confused.I was tempted to vehemently object her position but, like I told you, I'm not the type that conclude very quickly.I like being absolutely sure before solidifying my stance. So, I was temporarily neutral.I've always wanted to make detailed and exhaustive research into Igbo spirituality in relation to Christianity, my sister's indulgence has hastened it.I started by calling a priest friend of mine who is presently in US. Luckily, the course he was studying in US was partially on African Traditional religion.He told me a lot and sent me his thesis on the topic. The document has been so helpful. He also referred me to one Professor who is a Priest and a Vice Chancellor.According to him, the Prof. has more detailed knowledge of African Traditional religion. My effort to meet the Prof. has not yielded fruit yet because he's a very busy person. I'm also very busy too, but someday, I will meet him.Having heard from a priest, I thought of interviewing an Igbo native doctor to hear their own side of the story.I started by making research on YouTube and I came across videos of some young rich native doctors who are active on YouTube.The first person I came across was "Akwa Okuku tiwara Aki". I followed him for sometime and understood what he represents.I later came across Mmirienweilo. I was quite impressed that he was teaching about Igbo spirituality consistently on YouTube. After watching few of his lectures, I understood him position too.Meanwhile, I've been following few American pastors. I recently started following some Nigerian Pastors and resonated more with the message of Apostle Arome Osai and Apostle Michael Orokpo.You know why I'm doing these, I want to put together, the messages of ministers from opposing camps to arrive at a balanced and informed decision.You might be wondering why I decided to start posting "my family secret" to the public. I know that my family might not be happy with me but I have two reasons for this.1. To let the public understand my position in the whole matter, as my sister is already everywhere on social media posting her spiritual activities. So, those who know that she's my sister might be wondering what I've done about it especially when they hear me preach about Jesus.2. A lot of people are involving themselves in some spiritual adventure without clear knowledge of what they're getting themselves into. So, I want to teach the little I know and learn from those who know better to help those who don't know.This journey will take a long time and you will surely learn a lot with me throughout the process.You contribution in this lecture will not be ignored. If you know better, teach me, I will learn and appreciate.This lecture will continue next Sunday.Meanwhile, I heard Mmirienweilo emphasized that Christianity is fake. He said that the white saw how powerful we are and devised means to enslave us with their religion.What do you have to say about this? Is Jesus truly fake?Drop your comments.

67 Church Members Dead After Pastor Told Them to Fast to Death to See Jesus

Uche Joe, 9 months ago

I was shocked to the marrow when I saw a screaming headline that says 67 Church Members Dead After Pastor Told Them to Fast to Death to See Jesus".I was trying hard to understand how a human being with brain would accept to kill himself to see Christ.Are they reading the Bible at all? Was there anywhere in the Bible where Christ instructed people to fast to death? I wonder.Sometime ago, a South African Pastor asked his members to eat glasses and they started eating. Oh my God!Wait a minute, what could be the cause of these dehumanizing acts? How can a normal human obey such dehumanizing instructions and reduce themselves to lower animals.Even animals cannot intentionally starve to death. Carnivores cannot eat glasses.  Such acts have reduced human beings below animals. This is very dangerous.Anyway, I understand why these church members can obey such suicidal instruction to starve to death in the name of fasting. I think I know.Three factors are possibly playing out ...1.  HYPNOSISIn one of my lectures I told a secret revealed to me by one gifted prophetess. She said that some prophet bury blind ram at the entrance of their church to hypnotize anybody that step his foot into the Church.Some might possibly bury human beings to achieve even strong effect.I listen to one spiritualist  and scientist analyse the effect of hypnosis on human body. He emphasize that hypnosis has a very strong effect on human mind.When you're hypnotized, you will do anything you're commanded to do including killing yourself.This is why you must stop vising prophets and sit back to reconcile with your God. Connect deeply with your God and follow his lead.If you're being led by the spirit of God, you will not find your foot on cursed ground. Hypnosis will have no effect on you.2. SEEING PASTOR AS GODA lot of religious people believe strongly in whatever their pastors or imams says. In their mind, they believe that their pastor can never deceive them or be deceived by Satan.These religious people can fight and even die for their pastor. They believe them absolutely without doubt.This strong belief in their pastor might be as a result of overwhelming gift displayed by him. He might be extremely intelligent, eloquent, wealthy and powerful.Some of them have performed or arranged some miracles that threw them off their feet.All these gradually elevated their Pastor above God in their mind. So, they're overtime, gradually psyched to accept their pastor as God.These sets of religious fanatics, might not be diabolically hypnotized. Their case is more psychological.Listen, if Devil can tempt Jesus, who is your pastor. Nobody is above being tempted or possessed by the enemy.Your seemingly perfect pastor might not be who you think he is in the dark. Do not let your mind be caged.3. FAITH WITHOUT REASONMost religious communities tend to teach faith without teaching reasoning. They would tell you that you should have faith in something even if it is not reasonable.Even though, I'm not totally against faith but it's painful to watch all these so-called men of God manipulate it to exploit or dehumanize their members.Yes, to an ordinary mind, faith does not make any meaning. It sounds foolish to believe or do something that does not make any meaning to you. However, I clearly understand and believe in faith, considering the fact that spirituality has much more to do with something we do not see.A lot is going on in the spiritual realm that we humans cannot understand, we only need faith to believe.For example, we pray to God we have never seen, but we believe he exist. It's faith.I must warn you, however, don't allow your pastor to exploit faith to make you believe or do something meaningless, foolish, dangerous and dehumanizing.Faith is a gift from God. Reconcile with your God and ask him for the capacity to embrace genuine faith.Without God, you faith is foolishness. Without God, the enemy will surely manipulate your faith against you.RECONCILE WITH GOD NOW!

How a Satanic Pastor Destroyed a Whole Family

Uche Joe, 10 months ago

When I was planning to relocate to Lagos some years ago. One of my plans was to explore all Churches.I understood that Lagos houses almost all religious communities and I was ready to explore all of them.My reason was that I would like to get to know how different Christian religious communities worship because I was planning to write about them.I don't want to write about churches without experience. That was why.When I got the Lagos, I started planning to explore. My first trip was supposed to be to one of the biggest Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria (name withheld).I was preparing for their service when something struck me. I remembered the secret a prophetess friend revealed to me in the past.That lady was very spiritually gifted but she doesn't have church. The universe has a way of connecting me with spiritually gifted ladies. This lady advised me not to visit any prayer houses without making sure that I'm very spiritually prepared.She said that some Pastors or prophets bury a blind ram at the entrance of their churches or prayer houses. This instantly hypnotizes anybody that visit the Church and makes them spiritually blind.As a result, the person will keep coming to the Church, donating to the church and defending the church.No wonder, some people can die fighting for their Pastor even when it is glaringly clear that the Pastor is not genuine.So, I took time and analysed my spiritual life and realized that I have so much work to do on myself spiritually if I'm serious about embarking on such dangerous journey.I understand that the Scripture advised that we should test every spirit but you don't have to test when you're not qualified.One American prophet who served Satan for over ten years before he was arrested by Christ, during a live broadcast, revealed that visiting a prophet or consulting a seer without preparing spiritually is very dangerous.According to him, when he was still serving Satan, people use to consult him for spiritual help because he had the power to reveal the past and the future. Those who were consulting him never knew that he was serving Satan.He said one striking thing that I captured. He said that when people visit him for consultation, he would do some incantation and a demon will reveal to him what happened in their family in the past.After which, he would collect their money and tell them what will happen to them in the future. However, most of what he said that will happen in the future are false but because the demon helped him to reveal correctly what happened in their past, it becomes easy for him to tell them anything and they would believe it.According to him, one family visited him one day, he told them their past as usual and warned them of an impending motor accident, but he was actually lying to them.When they left him, he invoked a demon and sent it to accompany them home.The assignment of that demon was to ensure that everything he revealed to them came to pass.Few days after visiting him, the family was involved in a ghastly motor accident. That was the demon in action.Listen, if the family hadn't visited him, they wouldn't have had such accident.When the accident happened, the family had no choice than to run back to him. He took their money, 'pray' for them and finally sent another foul spirit along with them.They would enjoy life for some time while the demon works in the background to posses all the members of the family especially their children.You can see how dangerous it is to consult so called men of God without preparing yourself spiritually.So, BEFORE CONSULTING ANY PASTOR OR PROPHET, PREPARE SPIRITUALLY.Prepare through fasting and prayer and avoiding sin especially sin of the flesh.If you fail to prepare, your life might end up worse after visiting them. Some churches are modern Satanic shrine but you will never know. So, be careful.

Why Is God Pampering Us Now to Destroy Us Later?

Uche Joe, 2 years ago

Hello!How are you doing?It's heartwarming to inform you that I'm back to continue our SUNDAY LECTURE SERIES!I'm so excited!If you're seeing my Sunday lecture for the first time, my name is Uche Joe,I'm the founder of a fast-growing ICT and Talent Development firm in Africa, Heroic Universal Concept Int'l.I deliver ICT and wealth-creation lectures every Friday and moral and spiritual lectures every Sunday.Before I left social media briefly, I was trying to tackle this teething question, "If God truly loves us, why is He ready to condemn us to unimaginable unending torment in hell?"I wrote severally about the topic before leaving social media. Some of what I wrote on this topic have been uploaded to my blog. I will share the link at the end of this lecture.There are so much to write about in this topic but I will be rounding off today because I want to venture into another different topic. I might revisit this topic later.I was talking to my bosom friend few days ago. I told her, "Is it not better that God should be punishing us instantly each time we sin instead of pardoning and pampering us, only to condemn us at the end of our life if we fail to repent?"I told my friend that if God should be punishing us immediately we sin, it will make us holier. I said so because, the satanists are far more dedicated than us. They are far holier in their own way than us.The reason being that their master is quick to anger. If they err, they must pay for it, no mercy, just like in the army. The army are more disciplined than us because they're forced to be, so also the satanist.We, Christians and other religion that worship God are being lazy because God is slow to anger and very merciful but the danger lies on what becomes of us if we die in our laziness.Is it wise to pamper us now and destroy us later?However, something came to my mind as I'm typing this. If God should be punishing us the moment we sin, that means he will be punishing us all the time because we sin all the time both knowingly and unknowingly.Maybe, by the time we receive invisible flogging many times, we will learn discipline by force. Don't you think so? It sounds more logical to punish us now to save us later than pamper us now to destroy us later forever.Please, don't say that I'm challenging God's wisdom, I was only thinking aloud as a human. If at the end of life and there is a place called hell where those who failed to repent will suffer forever in perpetual agony, I think it's too harsh. Extremely harsh. You might argue that people who don't want to go there should repent but the problem is that not everybody will. Millions of people are already dying without repentance and millions more will follow, in my opinion.Does it mean that these million unrepentants are languishing in perpetual inexplicable agony forever?If they can suffer for ten years, I can deal with it, 20 years, I can accommodate but it's so heartbroken when I picture a human being like me, crying in agony forever and ever. It's unacceptable. It's incomprehensible!In my quest to find a justifiable reason to understand this perpetual suffering, I heard someone explained that the reason why people should suffer so much and forever is because they chose it by themselves.He said that they refused every effort and opportunity to draw their attention to God while on earth. They chose darkness instead of light not knowing that all the good things of life come from light.So, the moment light was removed from them in death, they quickly understand that all the good things they were enjoying actually come from light and that the true meaning of darkness is AGONY. Perpetual agony. Then, it's too late.A guy who read my post explained that the way hell is being emphasized might discourage those who are working hard to be upright. According to him,  some good people who are working hard to be holy got discouraged after failing over and over. When they continue to fail, they get frustrated and thought that God is tired of them and will not continue to forgive them. So, instead of continuing to rise and fall all the time and later end up in hell after all their effort, they decided to enjoy life and face whatever destiny that will await them.According to the young man, if the mercy of God should be emphasized and those that are striving to be holy are encouraged to keep fighting, a lot of people will be encouraged.Spirituality is complicated! There are lots of things we don't know and will never know about God and how He thinks. Questioning God is folly but we're allowed to expressed our concerns and fears as human, and that's what I'm doing.Each time I feel the absence of God in my life, I feel very lonely and afraid. It makes me very humble and thoughtful. Makes me question a lot.At the end, I don't waste time to run back to God. They moment I do so, my inner peace will be restored.Listen to me, I know you've been trying to love God but you've been failing and you're discouraged. In fact, you've given up. Something in you was telling you that you don't deserve God's forgiveness any more but it's not true.Another thing in your mind is telling you that there is nothing like perpetual agony. Please don't listen to it. You might be making a dangerous mistake you can't be able to correct.I use to fail God too but one thing I can never do is to give up trying to be with Him. I know He's forever merciful. I know that he will never allow his own to experience everlasting pain.SEE YOU NEXT SUNDAY!

Why Your Brain Loves Addiction So Much and What You Must Do to Be Free

Uche Joe, 2 years ago

Last Sunday, I talked about FEELINGS and why you should kill the dragon when it is still small.Someone asked me, "how can we control our feelings when it has already overwhelmed us?"In other words, what are we going to do if we're already addicted to something we hate?Hmmmmm!Listen, if your addiction has grown into a dragon, it is pretty hard to kill it.Many people stay addicted for life because they have tried over and over and failed.Your level of addiction determines how hard it will be to reverse it. If you're already extremely addicted, it will be extremely hard.It is usually very hard to reverse an addiction because it makes your brain pass through torturous process to get to its former state prior to the addiction.I told you that your brain is listening and adjusting to whatever you say, think or do.If you start masturbating, having sex or taking drugs, for example, your brain will keep adjusting to the sweetness of your new habit.Your brain embraces the new habit with the speed of light if the habit is sweet.But if the habit is rigorous, your brain will struggle and fight to maintain the sweet state.This is the reason why subjects like maths and sciences are hard.Maths is not naturally sweet, so your brain hates it by default. Music and sex are naturally sweet, no wonder your brain can't do without them.So, if you have been having sex or taking drugs and suddenly decided to stop it, it's gonna be pretty hard.You're trying to force your brain to sacrifice the sweet lifestyle you have taught him.Have you ever seen a drug addict going through rehabilitation?Do you notice how they behave when they need the drug but could not get it?They would start acting like they're insane. Some would be acting as if they can't breathe properly. So, the process of reversing an addiction is rigorous and torturous to your brain.If you're truly ready to be free from that addiction, you must gird your loins for a good fight. If the addiction is strong, employ an expert to rehabilitate you.If you're not yet deeply addicted or if you're disciplined enough to handle the reversal process by yourself, do these.Hate that ugly act you're addicted to Be genuinely remorseful. It will send a message to your brain that the act is not good. While your brain is struggling to agree with you, the sweetness of the act will keep fighting.Coming out of addiction is a heavy battle and if you must win, you must gird your loins. If you pamper yourself, you will continue to be addicted for life.If you're addicted to, let say, masturbation and you're determined to be free, you must start by hating the act.It is easy to hate anything you want to hate. If you want to hate somebody, sit back and recount every bad thing the person has done to you or other people.If you can recount in details the pain somebody has done to you, hate will gradually build up inside you. That's why you're advised not to bear grudge.So, if you want to hate that addiction, recount all that you've lost as a result of the addiction. If you're a chronic masturbator, it can curse health issue, it can lead to low libido. It will lead you to spending so much money on data subscription watching porn.It can bring about low self-esteem. Spiritually, it is even much more dangerous but let me leave it for another day. If you can form a clear picture of all the pain and humiliation as well as all that you've lost as a result of the addiction, you will start hating it.If you seriously hate the addiction, it will send strong signal to your brain. Even though your brain loves the sweetness it derives from it, it will give some attention to your pain of hate.However, your brain will not just allow you to be free from the addiction just because you hate it, it still loves the sweetness and will fight to keep you in that state.See your brain as a little child. It will always want pleasure but if you pamper it, you will spoil it.Think of what brought about the addiction and quit them allIf you're addicted to masturbation, for example, a lot of things played a role; your environment, friends, music, routine. All of these and more are guilty of what you're going through.If you're serious about quitting the addiction, you must quit everything that tend to trigger it.Quit secular musicFor the past weeks, I've been listening to many ex-Satanists turned preachers. Some of them were from the music industry.My role model, Joseph Okechukwu had emphasized greatly the dangerous influence of music, the confession of these ex-satan worshippers validated his claim.I don't want to go spiritual for now because I'm not an expert in spiritual matters. I will however, try my best to convince you that some secular music are truly very dangerous.Music is one thing that can have access to your mind without your permission. It easily breaks down your resistance and freely enters to cause damage.Think about this; if someone looks at your face and tell you that you will die, or that you will go to hell or that you're stupid, you will frown, get mad or even fight the person, right?But if the person wants you to accept the curse willingly, the person will prepare a great beat you love so much - a beat you cannot resist and add the curse in the lyrics. Once you listen to the beat, your resistance is broken instantly and you will begin to sing the curse as a song, and you know what, every spoken word is damn dangerous.Music is even more dangerous because it is meant to be repeated, and you know that when you repeat something over and over, it gains more power.When satanists wants to invoke demons, they repeat certain words or song over and over, as they keep repeating it, the demons will keep emerging. There is power in repetition and music forces you to repeat and keep repeating.To understand how powerful music is, do this exercise. Play a secular love song over and over and watch how you feel. It will change the atmosphere and activate some lustful feelings.Now, play any worship song you love over and over and watch how you feel again. It will breakdown the lustful feelings and put you in worship mood. It can even make you cry.These are two different music with different effects.If you love secular music so much that you can't stop listening to them forever, stop for now to help yourself recover from the addiction because it is contributing greatly in breaking you down.When you defeat addiction, you can sit back and censor the kind of secular music to listen to.To be continued in my next post. Keep visiting Heroic Blog.

Nigerians! It Is Time to Die to Live

Uche Joe, 2 years ago

I've been thinking about the forth-coming presidential election lately and I must tell you, I'm worried, very worried.Chaos might erupt if Peter Obi emerges winner which is most likely. Another mass killing far greater than EndSars Massacre is loading.This message is not to scare but to arm you with inner strength and fearlessness to face your destiny against odd.Know this, our rulers are extremely corrupt. They have all the arsenal to frustrate you to slavish submission if you're afraid of death.The only solution to come out this terrible situation we find ourselves in this country is to be ready to die. If millions of Nigerian youths are ready to die to elect the right leaders, our bloodsucking leaders will be overwhelmed.Of course, they can't kill millions. The country will be shut down if they try it. They can only kill few to scare others but if millions are determined to die for a new nation, the killer leaders will surrender at a point.Listen, if we fail to get it right this time, the killing will soon get to our doorsteps. Is it not wise to die once and save the future than to allow the system to deteriorate only to die later?In Church today, I saw some mobile policemen fully armed. The priest in charge announced that the Bishop has directed them to beef up security in Churches.The church security council were planning to buy security scanners, guns and other security equipment. More security personnel and vigilantes were employed both in the main Church and outstations to guard against another killing.Recently, 40 people were gunned down in a Catholic Church in Ondo State. It's very terrible. We cannot continue like this.A priest was kidnapped and found dead in a bush! What can we call this? Brutal death everyday! We cannot continue like this.Let's prepare our mind to change this system once and for all. Get your PVC. Get ready to vote. Get ready to protect your vote with your life.Make peace with your God so that if you happen to be among those that will render their life for a new nation, you will journey home to your eternal Father in peace.Make peace with your God!Remember, great nations you know today are built by the blood of the citizens who swore to change the system with their life.Be at peace, don't be afraid. Death is just but a transition. Let's do our very best and hand the rest to the Almighty God in prayer.

What if Hell Truly Exists?

Uche Joe, 2 years ago

Sometime ago, I stumbled into some videos of people that claimed to have died and experienced the pain of hell.Their description of hell will make you regret being born. After watching all these videos, my mind could not stop asking why? God, if hell is truly true, why should the people you love so much be subjected to such torment? It's not disrespectful to ask God question, is it? He's a loving Father, right? So, He will surely understand our confusion. We're trying to find comprehensible answer to this huge puzzle of hell.After my first lecture on hell, a Jehovah Witness guy chatted me and was referring me to some resources that will help me find answers.I asked him lots of questions and he was working so hard to find suitable answers. I have much more questions for him if he can chat me up again.My bosom friend admonished me to stop questioning spiritual things because they're beyond me. According her, I should read the Bible and accept whatever answer I got from it with FAITH.Her emphasis was on FAITH. Unfortunately, I'm a different person. My mind will never stop questioning a lot. It's not my fault.Maybe I'm specially fashioned to find suitable answers that will bring millions of confused souls back to God. Maybe, just maybe.In Theological school, I wasn't taught to just believe all spiritual things with faith. I was taught to analyse and understand to a good extent before believing.I was taught the importance of FAITH and REASON, and I'm working hard not to abuse it.Back to the concept of HELL.Please, while I ask some sensitive question about hell, don't be tempted to assume that I don't believe that it exists.Listen, whatever I believe should not be so important now, what should be more important is your answer to this all important question...The question is... If you try your best to live an upright life in order to escape hell, and at the end of your life, you found out that hell does not exist, did you lose anything?Another question...If you convince yourself that hell does not exist simply because it is not scientifically proven, then, you went ahead to lead an unjust lifestyle. If you close your eyes in death and open it in hell, can you ever forgive yourself?If you ask me, I will tell you that it is extremely dangerous to dismiss a concept like hell just like that.It is worth paying serious attention to.

Why Is God Ready to Condemn Us to Unimaginable Unending Torment in Hell?"

Uche Joe, 2 years ago

Today's topic is quite sensitive.This sensitive question is begging for a satisfactory answer.I may not rest until a satisfactory answer is found. The question is..."If God truly loves us, why is He ready to condemn us to unimaginable unending torment in hell?"My name is Uche Joe,I'm the founder of a fast-growing ICT and Talent Development firm in Africa, Heroic Universal Concept Int'l.I deliver ICT and wealth-creation lectures every Friday and moral and spiritual lectures every Sunday.Recently, I stumbled into some videos of people that claimed to have died and experienced the pain of hell.Their description of hell will make you regret being born. After watching all these videos, my mind could not stop asking why? God, if hell is truly true, why should the people you love so much be subjected to such torment? Imagine yourself being thrown to a bottomless pit of pitch darkness, horrible pain, unquenching fire, foul stench, thunderous shout of pain and hopelessness, where the smoke of your torment will continue to rise forever and ever.Can you picture that in your mind? It doesn't sound real in your mind, right? Someone who love you so much can't condemn you to such state no matter your offence, right?Before you dismiss hell as a mare imagination, is it not wise for us to pause and ponder, what if it is truly true?It sounds quite dangerous to dismiss it just like that. One day, I was going through the scripture and came to a point where the Almighty God was begging us to reason with Him. He said, "come now, and let us reason together, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though, they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool (Isaiah 1:18).I read the verse again and again and it was thinking. How can God, in his Majesty beg us to reason with Him?We supposed to be the ones begging not the other way round? Maybe, he has seen the unimaginable pain that await humanity and was ready to help you escape. No wonder, he is willing and ready to forgive us no matter the wrong.Maybe, escaping from this unimaginable pain of hell is so easy. The only thing we probably need is to present a sincere broken heart and He will take it up from there.Is sincere repentance that easy? What about thousands of people who failed to truly repent? Does it mean that their fate is sealed for eternal condemnation?A lot of questions are flooding my mind, I tell you. I really hope we can find answers to them as we continue.For now, I will stop here.