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Heroic Universal Concept Int'l has decided to partner with other expert trainers to add as many courses as possible in Heroic Online Institute.

If you're skilled and experienced and would like to make money by teaching your skill to other people, you can consider partnering with Heroic Universal Concept Int'l.

If you're interested in the partnership, go through the steps and conditions below.


1. The trainer must be an expert in his field and a good teacher too. To ensure that he is an expert, we will request for samples of his projects and copy of his video tutorials

2. If his projects and tutorials are satisfactory, he will be meant to submit list of courses he would like to teach. We will go through the list and choose the ones we will allow in our institute.

3. The trainer will, thereafter be meant to prepare curriculum for the courses we selected. We might give him insight into how we want to curriculum to be. The curriculum is subject to review.

4. When the curriculum is accepted, he will be meant to present the cost of the courses and the dates the video tutorials for each of the courses will be ready.

5. The cost of each courses can rise or fall by 30%. The cost can be lowered during promotional seasons and raised after promotion.

6. The trainer will also be given free access to our content creation course to help him understand more about how to organize his course.

7. The video tutorial should be of high quality. It should be created with noise-condensing software and hardware. The voice of the trainer must be clear and unambiguous. If the tutorials are made with mobile phone, it should be made with a phone that has mouse pointer feature.

8. English language is the official language to be used for the tutorials.

9. When the video tutorials are ready, the Admin will send the registration link for the trainer to register and upload the tutorials in our online institute.

10. Heroic Universal Concept Int'l with her students, affiliates and partners, including the trainer himself, will promote the courses.

11. Trainers are required to attend to the students that registered for their courses and answer their questions any time they're called upon. Students can report trainers that ignored their questions after 48 hours of asking.

12. Trainers should, once in a while, update their courses when there is need for it.

13. The revenue from the courses will be shared between the trainer and Admin thus;

If the students come from the Admin and the trainer;
50% for the Admin
50% for the trainer

If the students come from Heroic affiliates;
40% for the admin
40% for the Trainer
20% for the affiliate

Having gone through the above steps, if you're skilled and interested, chat the Admin on whatstapp via +2348037747461 to get started.

Meanwhile, watch the video below for further guidline;