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Heroic Door to Door Promotional Partners.

Heroic Universal Concept Int'l is an ICT firm registered in Nigeria with registration number BN 2842072.

Door to door promotional partners are people employed by Heroic Universal Concept Int'l to promote Heroic Products and services by visiting places, offices, organization, businesses, individuals etc., that have potentials of being interested in ICT products and services.

The ICT products and services include the following;

  • Web Design and development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Training, etc

Interested individuals should learn or be trained on the following;

  • How to negotiate
  • How to handle objections
  • More about Heroic ICT products and services

The promotional activities can serve as a side hussle as it won't interfere with your other jobs or engagement if you manage it well.

Benefits of joining

  • N10,000 fixed monthly payment: You will be paid N10,000 every month.
  • 5% bonus (up to N10,000) for each successful deal: If any client you visited pay for our products or services, you will receive 5% of the amount plus your monthly salary. However, if the 5% bonus is more than N10,000, you will be paid N10,000 bonus plus your N10,000 monthly salary.
  • Below is the formular for your monthly earnings; Number of successful deals * bonuses + N10,000 salary

Duties of the Promotional Partners

Your duties are summarized thus; visit or connect to potential ICT clients and report to the Admin.

The procedures are as follows;

Every month, make a list of, at least, five potential clients you are going to visit within the month. These potential clients must be people or organization that need ICT services.

The following are our potential clients;

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Companies and other organizations
  • NGOs
  • News/Media houses
  • Importers and exporters
  • Small businesses with great potentials
  • Professors, lecturers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals
  • Musicians and other rising talents, etc.

Submit the list of the potential clients to the Admin and wait for approval.

If the clients in the list truly have need for ICT services, the admin will approve them, otherwise some or all may not be approved.

If all or any of the names in the list is not approved, you will be required to submit more names.

Use quality paper and envelope (conquest paper preferably) to print the letter we will send to you.

Upon approval, you will start visiting the approved places or individual one by one.

On each visit, submit the letter and discuss the content of the letter with the authority. Teach them how ICT can help boost their exploits and get their phone number at the end.

At the end of each visit, contact the admin to report the outcome, send the phone number to the admin to continue the negotiation process.

You're required to visit at least five people every month.

Other Information

You will continue to enjoy N10,000 monthly salary as long as you're doing your job diligently even if you're not able to convince any client to pay for our services.

After three months, if you're still not able to convince at least one client to pay for our services, you may be relieved of your duty.

If you're not able to visit up to five people in a month, you will be paid N1,500 per visit, and may be considered incompetent.

You can visit more than five people in a month to increase your chances of earning more bonuses.

Payment is made at the end of every month. However, you will be given N2,000 mobilization fee in your first month.

If you didn't report to the admin in a whole month without any good explanation, you will be replaced with another person.

You're required to participate in a live training with the Founder/Admin at least once a month.

If the client you want to visit is far from you, you can process the deal online via social media, email, phone call, etc.

Note: We plan to employ few people for a start. So, if you're sure that you have what it takes to work as our promotional partner, click below to register.