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React Native Fundamentals

Learn all React Native Syntax for the development of Android and IOS apps

Created by Uche Joe


React Native Fundamentals

Course Contents



Introducing VS Code


Introducing Expo and Node.js


Installing Node.js

Installing Expo

Starting your first app

Starting your first app

Installing Android Studio and JDK

Installing Android Studio

Installing Java SDK

Creating Virtual Device

Setting up Android Virtual Device - part 1

Setting up Android Virtual Device - part 2

Opening Android Emulator in VScode

Finally starting your first app

Connecting your physical device

Connecting your physical device

Logging and publishing your app

Logging and publishing your app

Core Component and APIs

Core Component and APIs








Platform-specific Code


Layout and Dimensions

Detecting Orientation Changes - part 1

Detecting Orientation Changes - part 2



justifyContent, alignItems and alignSelf

flexWrap and alignContent

flexbasis, flexGrow and flexShrink

Absolute and Relative Positioning



Padding and Margin


Styling Text

Encapsulating Styles


Platform-specific Code

Organizing Styles

Creating Button Component




Handling Selections




Native Features


Requesting Permission

Accessing the Image folder

React Navigation

React Navigation

Navigating Between Screens

Passing Parameters to Routes

Setting Screen Titles

Customizing Headers

Creating a TabNavigator

Customizing Tabs

Nesting Navigators

What you will learn and gain

You will learn  all React Native Syntax for the development of Android and IOS apps

What our students are saying

React Native is a JavaScript framework for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android.Some amazing Mobile Apps Built with React Native include;

  • Facebook app
  • Facebook Ads App
  • Skype
  • Walmart
  • Airbnb
  • Uber Eats
  • Instagram App
  • Wix.


You should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React before learning this course.

Who this course is for:

This course is for you if you're interested in learning how to build mobile apps. It is highly recommended for;

  • Software Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Anybody who has interest in cross-platform mobile app development

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heroic Universal Concept All About?

Heroic Universal Concept International is an ICT firm and a vision-driven movement aimed at harnessing the ingenuity of young people with the use of motivational and ICT tools, thereby helping them achieve their ultimate goal.

We offer ICT services and champion talent development programmes for young people.

Is your training online or physical?

Our training is online. We have hundreds of downloadable tutorial videos on different ICT courses hosted in our website.

As soon as you pay and register, you will be given access to the tutorial videos. You can download them and commence training, offline.

While you're learning, I will be guiding you from here whenever you need my assistance.

Where is your location?

We're based in Kasoa, Ghana and Lagos, Nigeria but our training is online. So, you can access our courses from anywhere you are while we will be coaching you from here.

Do you have a physical class?

No, we don't.

Our training is 100% online.

What is your mode of teaching?

We teach with tutorial videos.

We have hundreds of downloadable tutorial videos on various ICT courses in our website.

You will have access to download them and learn with them as soon as you register for your desired course.

We made all the tutorials downloadable to help you save data and be free from challenges of poor internet connection.

Do you have online community where your students converge to exchange ideas?

We have Heroic Students WhatsApp group where our students converge and exchange ideas.

Information about Heroic Academy and other Heroic innovations are discussed in the group.

Do you mentor your students?

Sure, I do absolutely!

I'm always available Whenever my students need my attention.

I supervise their projects and tackle their challenges.

Can ICT courses be learnt online effectively?

Of course! The more convenient way to learn ICT skills these days is online.

There are some courses you may never have the opportunity of learning if you're waiting for opportunity to learn them physically.

Professionals are fast moving online. Very few of them will still have time to teach physically.

Programming is one of those skills you can easily learn online.

All you need is a good and experienced coach, and I'm here to help.

Is programming difficult?

It depends on who is coaching you and the time you dedicate to learning it.

If you're being coached by a very experienced and gifted coach, if you give it enough time, programming will be fun for you.

However, if you're struggling to learn by yourself or you're being coached by an inexperienced coach, you will find programming difficult.

Can I learn coding with my phone?

Yes, you can start learning with your phone if you don't have a laptop. Just buy a phone external keyboard, I will direct you on how to use it to start programming.

How do you mentor your students?

I mentor my students by; answering their questions and helping them solve some problems whenever they call my attention.

If my student need my attention, I usually ask them to send me a screenshot of the issue or a zip file of their work to enable me analyse their job and debug the error.

I usually make a new video to point out their errors if the situation is complex.

How can you convince me that you're genuine?

Chat me on Whatsapp via +2348037747461 and express your concern.

I will try my best to clear all your doubt.

I'm not used to online training, I'm afraid it won't work for me.

Online training is great when a gifted teacher is handling it. Look for a gifted teacher.

You will be missing opportunity to acquire great skills if you ignore online training.

Some skills are not common. Online training make them accessible.

If you have tried online training before and it didn't work for you, try again, this time, concentrate on getting a good teacher.

I tried my best to simply my lectures. You can chat me to see my students testimonials. They're testifying that I made my courses very simple.

Don't you think that poor internet connection can disrupt online training?

I made all my tutorials downloadable to win against poor internet connection.

You can download all your tutorials when the internet connection is ok and learn offline without worrying about network fluctuations.

What if I insist on one-on-one training. What's your advice?

Online training would have made learning a lot easier for you but if you insist on physical training, you have to take the pain of looking for someone or centers where the skills are taught.

The centers might not be close to you, so be ready to spent heavily on transportation.

I wrote an article where I compared online and physical training. You can chat me on Whatsapp to request for it.

I'm interested, how do I get started?

Go ahead and order for the course. If you need assistance, chat me on Whatsapp via +2348037747461.

Will I get certificate after the training?

Of course. Our organization is registered. We give our students certificate on completion.

I'm interested in the courses but I don't have money

If you can't afford the expensive courses, there are some cheap courses you can start from.

Just pay for the ones you can afford and get started instead of waiting.

You will gradually raise money to pay for the rest.

Are all your tutorial videos downloadable?

All the tutorials the Admin of this platform, Uche Joe created by himself are downloadable but the tutorials created by other expert partners created might not be downloadable.

However, you will surely enjoy the learning process.

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