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The Complete Smartphone Videography - Create and Edit Videos Like A Pro

Video Creation and Editing Made Easy

Created by Samuel Gold

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The Complete Smartphone Videography - Create and Edit Videos Like A Pro

What you will learn and gain

You will be learning the following:

  • In-depth knowledge on the Fundamentals of Videography
  • How to download resource elements for FREE
  • Free Access to Premium Resources, Video Editing Apps and Website
  • Step by Step guide in drafting out a professional script for your Video
  • How to shoot Professional Videos
  • How to create Intro and Outro Videos
  • How to create Text and Logo Animation Videos
  • How to blend different video backgrounds
  • How to crop and mask images
  • How to create Product and Marketing videos
  • How to create Sales and Promotional videos
  • How to create Podcast and B-roll Videos
  • How to create Cartoon Animated Videos
  • How to create Whiteboard and 3D Explainer Videos
  • How to clone characters in Videos
  • How to create 3D-Effect and Cinematic Videos
  • How to create 3D Dancing Avatar Videos
  • How to create Human Avatar Videos
  • Film Making and changing Video Backgrounds
  • How to create Motion Graphics
  • How to create Human AI Videos
  • How to edit and add subtitles to your Videos
  • Full Monetization Kit on how to make at least N200,000 ($282) monthly.

What our students are saying

Videography is the new from of Story-telling, Traffic Driving, Advertisement, Sales Blueprint and Brand Awareness... As it stands, Video is the Gold mine NOW!! and the sweetest part is that This wonderful Course has been crafted and designed to project you from A Novice to a Certified and Professional Smartphone Videographer where you will be learning how to create and edit different kinds of videos like Brand, Corporate, Marketing, Sales, Promotional, Cinematic, Explainer, Jingles, Podcast, B-Roll, Cartoon, Avatar, E-Commerce, Film-Making, Motion Graphics etc.

This Course also comes with a Full Kit Monetization on getting clients, drafting a Proposal Blueprint, Pricing Techniques and Secrets on how to monetize this high-demand Skill.

The Complete Smartphone Videography Course is not like the regular online course where all you get is WYSIWYG or a brain dump, then you're left alone to figure out so many things all by yourself leaving you more confused and frustrated..

To avoid this, I won't only teach you but I will GUIDE, MENTOR and IMPACT you with practical knowledge that even as a beginner or novice, you won't have to struggle or feel left out.

Also the training modules and materials are user friendly and quite easy to assimilate and understand.

You'll also get all the support, assistance, follow-up and mentorship till you gain the desired result and mastery.

Also, there are projects, tasks, assessments, quizzes and a full monetization kit challenge that will give you the push to even start earning even while still learning plus even in your busy schedule, you can learn at your own pace.


A Good Smartphone

Access to Internet Connection

Storage Space on your Device

Dedicated Mindset

Who this course is for:

Well the truth is as long as you want to scale up your business, make money and you are having blood running through your veins then you need it... {Smiles}.. Jokes apart, it is a perfect choice for:

  • Business Owners
  • Content Creators
  • Authors
  • Teachers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Brand Builders
  • Coaches and Mentors
  • Entertainers etc.

In a nutshell, it is for Everyone!

Course Content


Fundamentals of Videography

Photo Editing

Removing of backgrounds

Intro Video 1

How to create Intro Videos

Intro Video 2

How to create Intro Videos

Text Animation
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