Refer and Earn

Refer students and clients for ICT training and services and earn profitably.

Heroic Universal Concept Int'l is an ICT firm registered in Nigeria with registration number BN 2842072.

We render ICT training and services which include; web design and development, mobile apps development, graphic design, digital marketing and other ICT services.

Heroic Affiliates are those that promote heroic ICT products and services.

They are of two categories; Heroic Ambassadors and Heroic Fans. Heroic Ambassadors recieve 20% reward when they refer students to Heroic Academy and when they refer clients for ICT services like web design and development, mobile apps development, etc.

Heroic Fans receive 10% reward when they refer clients to us. They're also paid based on the number of prospective students they refer to us.

We have a system called Pay Per Prospect (PPP) where Heroic Fans are paid when they invite people to get our free ebooks, training, etc. When people follow their referral link to get our free gifts, they will be paid based on the number of people they invite.

In Pay Per Prospect system, each prospect cost N50. So, if you invite 100 people to get our free gift, you will be rewarded with N5,000. If you invite 1000 people, you will get N50,000. The more the prospect, the more the reward.

To join Heroic Ambassadors, you're required to pay N5,000 registration free but you can join Heroic Fans for free. If you want to pay to join Heroic Ambassadors, chat the Admin on whatsapp via +2348037747461

If you don't have money to pay, join Heroic Fans for free, click below to register.